About Our Community

Syosset Mobile/Manufactured Home Park is home to 70+ families. Our community has quietly co-existed within Syosset since at least 1926 which makes it 80 years old and many Syosset and Nassau County residents were unaware of our existence.

Our community atmosphere brings to mind days of old where neighbors knew each other, children played outside together, parents didn’t have to escort their children to a neighbors house for fear of what might happen on the way there and crime was something that happened in someone else’s community.

A Brief History

The site, formerly Oaks Mobile Estates Park, now known as Syosset Mobile Home Park began as a campground back in 1938/1939 and has always been a “mobile community”. It slowly developed into a Manufactured home park as Manufactured homes became affordable alternatives to traditional stick built homes. The properly was owned by the Horowitz family and was passed down from Harry and Muriel Horowitz to their son Sanford, The park was managed under Hormi Holding Company (est. 1960). Sanford Horowitz (of Hormi Holding) sold the park to STP Assoc., LLC. (est. 7/12/06) on 4/2/07 and the park residents were notified of the sale on 4/9/07.

Sadly, our community lost its last battle in February 2016 with the remainder of us moving on to better opportunities. From last summer onwards Newsday filmed a short documentary about the part the was just released, entitled "The last trailer park". We thank you all for the support you've given us.








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